Public Graham Genealogy

Public Graham Genealogy
This family tree was last updated on 10 October 2013.
Total surnames834
Media objects142
Total events13,846
Total users2
Earliest birth year1075Godard De Boyvill
Birth 1075 -
Latest birth year1961daughter 2
Birth 1961 32 -
Earliest death year1210Henry De Millom
Death 1210 -
Latest death year2012 Sarah Ostle Hurst
Birth 1921 21 19 -
Death 16 April 2012 (Age 91) - Wigton Hospital
Individual who lived the longest104Mary Alice Harrison
Birth 21 April 1878 40 38 - Holme Low
Death 19 October 1982 (Age 104) - Middlechurch Manitoba
Average age at death57Males: 56   Females: 58
Family with the most children14John Barnes + Ruth Bell
Marriage 26 October 1865 - Bolton Gate
Average number of children per family2.50 
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Welcome to my Family Tree.
5 January 2013 - 15:59:54

This Family Tree was originally of my ancestors in Northumberland and Cumberland but has grown to include some ancestors and descendants of those linked by marriage to mine.

From Hexhamshire and Allendale DIXON BELL BATEY and WINTER


Caldbeck PEEL including John the Huntsman

Greenrow Academy DRAPE and SAUL

My mother drew out the first Trees on large sheets of paper in the 1960s. The Tree was first put on the web in 2004 and is usually updated twice a year. There is no log-in and no hidden data.

My thanks to many ‘cousins’ who have provided their data to add to the Tree.

http://www.clan-davies.org/webtrees/ contains some links to this Tree.

http://www.clan-davies.org/webtrees/individual.php?pid=I6316 is Deborah, sister to Margaret Spark my great-grandmother. See Ron Davies Welcome Page for other links.

The Ostle Family Tree is here http://ostle.dunmore.org

The Ostle website is here http://users.tinyworld.co.uk/peterostle/

They are more up-to-date than my Ostle data.

The Holme St Cuthbert History Group website is here http://www.solwayplain.co.uk/

Keith Hayton’s Hayton Family Tree is here http://hayton.webtrees.net/ 

Thank you for visiting this site. I hope you found it helpful.


Joan H Dunmore nee Graham born Hexham 1940.

Seeking Information
26 March 2012 - 19:03:15

We are seeking information on Mary Elizabeth Graham born c 1858 Person ID I107

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On this day
Joseph GarnerGarner,Joseph22 June 18680150150Burial
Sarah ScottScott,Sarah22 June 18631155155Burial
Robert WinterWinter,Robert22 June 18342184184Baptism
Elisabeth SparkSpark,Elisabeth22 June 18343184184Baptism
Thomas MattinsonMattinson,Thomas22 June 18234195195Baptism
Ann HarrisonHarrison,Ann22 June 18165202202Baptism
Mary HarrisonHarrison,Mary22 June 18166202202Baptism
Thomas BarronBarron,Thomas22 June 18117207207Birth
Jane HarrisonHarrison,Jane22 June 18058213213Baptism
Margaret HarrisonHarrison,Margaret22 June 18059213213Baptism
James PeelPeel,James22 June 180010218218Baptism
Joseph FiddlerFiddler,Joseph22 June 179511223223Birth
Joseph PeelPeel,Joseph22 June 179412224224Baptism
John Drape WillisWillis,John Drape22 June 179413224224Baptism
William 2 NevinNevin,William 222 June 178814230230Baptism
Richard RiggRigg,Richard22 June 175115267267Baptism
Sarah WilkinsonWilkinson,Sarah22 June 174016278278Birth
Rachel WilkinsonWilkinson,Rachel22 June 174017278278Birth
Jane CalvertCalvert,Jane22 June 169318325325Baptism
John Johnson + Mary Hannah BellJohnson,John + Bell,Mary Hannah22 June 189819120120Marriage
Robert Dobson Whineray + Dorothy TysonWhineray,Robert Dobson + Tyson,Dorothy22 June 188520133133Marriage
John Ostell + Caroline ThompsonOstell,John + Thompson,Caroline22 June 185321165165Marriage
Dan Saul + Sarah BeebySaul,Dan + Beeby,Sarah22 June 178422234234Marriage
Daniel Pape + Mary ParkinPape,Daniel + Parkin,Mary22 June 174623272272Marriage
Upcoming events
Viola Eileen CoeCoe,Viola Eileen23 June 200401414Death
William Henry HarrisonHarrison,William Henry23 June 198213636Death
John Huddart HurstHurst,John Huddart23 June 18892129129Baptism
Hannah HuddartHuddart,Hannah23 June 18653153153Baptism
Hannah BlairBlair,Hannah23 June 18394179179Baptism
Joseph HarrisonHarrison,Joseph23 June 18355183183Burial
John SparkSpark,John23 June 18266192192Death
William BateyBatey,William23 June 18227196196Baptism
John OstleOstle,John23 June 18048214214Birth
Agnes LittleLittle,Agnes23 June 18049214214Birth
Martha SaulSaul,Martha23 June 179910219219Baptism
Ann GarnerGarner,Ann23 June 178211236236Baptism
John HarrisonHarrison,John23 June 176912249249Birth
Frances BarwiseBarwise,Frances23 June 176213256256Baptism
John Saul + Mary WilkinsonSaul,John + Wilkinson,Mary23 June 176214256256Marriage
Daniel Fleming + Mary MartinFleming,Daniel + Martin,Mary23 June 170115317317Marriage
Mary HarrisonHarrison,Mary24 June 189916119119Birth
Russel Charles ThompsonThompson,Russel Charles24 June 189517123123Birth
Thomas WinterWinter,Thomas24 June 187718141141Burial
Mary Jane PeelPeel,Mary Jane24 June 184919169169Baptism
Mary Ann LittleLittle,Mary Ann24 June 184920169169Baptism
William PeelPeel,William24 June 184821170170Death
Nancy PenricePenrice,Nancy24 June 184022178178Birth
Ann SparkSpark,Ann24 June 183723181181Birth
George HopeHope,George24 June 183124187187Birth
Esther LangcakeLangcake,Esther24 June 182725191191Baptism
Amos HaytonHayton,Amos24 June 182726191191Baptism
Margaret HaytonHayton,Margaret24 June 181827200200Birth
Alpha DrapeDrape,Alpha24 June 181728201201Birth
John PapePape,John24 June 180429214214Baptism
Henry PeelPeel,Henry24 June 179230226226Baptism
Henry BellBell,Henry24 June 179231226226Baptism
Jane HaytonHayton,Jane24 June 176932249249Baptism
Sarah SimSim,Sarah24 June 175633262262Baptism
Betty OsmotherleyOsmotherley,Betty24 June 175634262262Baptism
Elizabeth OsmotherleyOsmotherley,Elizabeth24 June 169035328328Baptism
Jonathan Pearson + Jane BiglandsPearson,Jonathan + Biglands,Jane24 June 185136167167Marriage
Benjamin Bell + Alice HarrisonBell,Benjamin + Harrison,Alice24 June 184637172172Marriage
William Steel + Martha TindallSteel,William + Tindall,Martha24 June 184338175175Marriage
Archibald Sinclair + Ruth HarrisonSinclair,Archibald + Harrison,Ruth24 June 182039198198Marriage
Thomas Penrice + Nancy SkeltonPenrice,Thomas + Skelton,Nancy24 June 178140237237Marriage
John Saul + Betty SaulSaul,John + Saul,Betty24 June 176441254254Marriage
Jane Annie --------,Jane Annie25 June 188842130130Death
Solomon OsburnOsburn,Solomon25 June 187643142142Burial
Mary Jane MillerMiller,Mary Jane25 June 186744151151Birth
William LittleLittle,William25 June 185645162162Baptism
Mary Glaister PenricePenrice,Mary Glaister25 June 184046178178Baptism
Nancy PenricePenrice,Nancy25 June 184047178178Baptism
Nancy PenricePenrice,Nancy25 June 184048178178Death
John SparkSpark,John25 June 182649192192Burial
Frances OstleOstle,Frances25 June 182650192192Baptism
Martha ChambersChambers,Martha25 June 181251206206Baptism
Hannah HendersonHenderson,Hannah25 June 181052208208Birth
Jane PenricePenrice,Jane25 June 180953209209Baptism
Sarah ChambersChambers,Sarah25 June 180754211211Baptism
John WinterWinter,John25 June 179755221221Baptism
Robert LittleLittle,Robert25 June 179456224224Birth
Sarah BellBell,Sarah25 June 179157227227Baptism
Martha GlaisterGlaister,Martha25 June 179058228228Baptism
Henry TurnerTurner,Henry25 June 178059238238Baptism
Martha TurnerTurner,Martha25 June 178060238238Baptism
Deborah TurnerTurner,Deborah25 June 178061238238Baptism
Thomas HaytonHayton,Thomas25 June 176962249249Baptism
Esther PenricePenrice,Esther25 June 176663252252Baptism
William BarwiseBarwise,William25 June 174664272272Birth
Martha PenricePenrice,Martha25 June 173265286286Baptism
John OsmotherleyOsmotherley,John25 June 161566403403Baptism
Joseph Penrice + Annie Maria PeelPenrice,Joseph + Peel,Annie Maria25 June 188167137137Marriage
Roger Pape + Mary LoshPape,Roger + Losh,Mary25 June 179668222222Marriage
Joseph Garner + Mary MarkGarner,Joseph + Mark,Mary25 June 179569223223Marriage
John Osmotherley + Margaret HarrisonOsmotherley,John + Harrison,Margaret25 June 179270226226Marriage
Amos Hayton + Ruth LangcakeHayton,Amos + Langcake,Ruth25 June 175371265265Marriage
David Martindale + Sarah OstleMartindale,David + Ostle,Sarah25 June 170172317317Marriage
Marjorie Ann BarberBarber,Marjorie Ann26 June 2004731414Death
James MulgrewMulgrew,James26 June 1992742626Death
Emma HurstHurst,Emma26 June 190375115115Birth
William PenricePenrice,William26 June 188976129129Birth
Elizabeth (Betsy) OsmotherleyOsmotherley,Elizabeth (Betsy)26 June 186277156156Burial
William HarrisonHarrison,William26 June 185378165165Baptism
Thomas LittleLittle,Thomas26 June 184479174174Baptism
John DodgsonDodgson,John26 June 184180177177Death
Nancy PenricePenrice,Nancy26 June 184081178178Burial
Thomas FisherFisher,Thomas26 June 183582183183Baptism
Woodville OstleOstle,Woodville26 June 181183207207Birth
Mary PenricePenrice,Mary26 June 179684222222Birth
Richard YeowardYeoward,Richard26 June 176885250250Baptism
Thomas Henry Chicken + Alice Jean CoeChicken,Thomas Henry + Coe,Alice Jean26 June 1943867575Marriage
John Glaister + Nanny StudholmeGlaister,John + Studholme,Nanny26 June 180887210210Marriage
Jonathan Ostle + Mary MathewmanOstle,Jonathan + Mathewman,Mary26 June 175888260260Marriage
Bessie WrapeWrape,Bessie27 June 2003891515Death
Mary Ann LittleLittle,Mary Ann27 June 1947907171Death
Fisher ThompsonThompson,Fisher27 June 185891160160Baptism
John HarrisonHarrison,John27 June 185292166166Baptism
John HalliburtonHalliburton,John27 June 184893170170Birth
Elizabeth BraggBragg,Elizabeth27 June 183994179179Burial
Mary HaytonHayton,Mary27 June 182495194194Baptism
Hannah HaytonHayton,Hannah27 June 182496194194Baptism
Robert BarnesBarnes,Robert27 June 179597223223Baptism
Elizabeth WilkinsonWilkinson,Elizabeth27 June 174798271271Birth
Joseph Backhouse + Nancy WilkinsonBackhouse,Joseph + Wilkinson,Nancy27 June 184699172172Marriage
William Little + Jane MillikanLittle,William + Millikan,Jane27 June 1812100206206Marriage
Keddy Hewitson + Mary OstleHewitson,Keddy + Ostle,Mary27 June 1807101211211Marriage
Joseph Henry BarnesBarnes,Joseph Henry28 June 20081021010Death
Jane Shepherd OstleOstle,Jane Shepherd28 June 19831033535Death
Mary Hannah BellBell,Mary Hannah28 June 19501046868Death
John Wilson WillisWillis,John Wilson28 June 1898105120120Burial
John PearsonPearson,John28 June 1889106129129Burial
Jane Annie --------,Jane Annie28 June 1888107130130Burial
Julia PeelPeel,Julia28 June 1844108174174Baptism
John Surgeon DrapeDrape,John Surgeon28 June 1839109179179Death
Joseph John SaulSaul,Joseph John28 June 1836110182182Baptism
Mary PapePape,Mary28 June 1807111211211Baptism
John ScottScott,John28 June 1804112214214Death
Elizabeth BateyBatey,Elizabeth28 June 1801113217217Baptism
John ChickenChicken,John28 June 1798114220220Baptism
Joseph LangcakeLangcake,Joseph28 June 1794115224224Baptism
Martha SmallwoodSmallwood,Martha28 June 1752116266266Baptism
Dorothea SimSim,Dorothea28 June 1674117344344Baptism
Janett CalvertCalvert,Janett28 June 1629118389389Baptism
John Dodgson + Deborah GrahamDodgson,John + Graham,Deborah28 June 1815119203203Marriage
John Saul + Jane HollidaySaul,John + Holliday,Jane28 June 1780120238238Marriage
William Sheffields + Mary SparkSheffields,William + Spark,Mary28 June 1770121248248Marriage
William Calvert + Tomasin SympsonCalvert,William + Sympson,Tomasin28 June 1703122315315Marriage
Annie Martha PapePape,Annie Martha29 June 19621235656Death
Thomas CalvertCalvert,Thomas29 June 19241249494Death
Joseph SaulSaul,Joseph29 June 1882125136136Death
Thomas HaytonHayton,Thomas29 June 1854126164164Burial
George William ThompsonThompson,George William29 June 1850127168168Birth
John BarwiseBarwise,John29 June 1845128173173Death
Hannah PenricePenrice,Hannah29 June 1823129195195Baptism
Joseph OstleOstle,Joseph29 June 1823130195195Baptism
Esther SaulSaul,Esther29 June 1804131214214Death
Joshua AndersonAnderson,Joshua29 June 1791132227227Birth
Margaret (Peggy) CalvertCalvert,Margaret (Peggy)29 June 1769133249249Baptism
Thomas PrattPratt,Thomas29 June 1763134255255Baptism
John HarrisonHarrison,John29 June 1746135272272Burial
James FlemingFleming,James29 June 1712136306306Baptism
John PenricePenrice,John29 June 1684137334334Baptism
Hannah HaytonHayton,Hannah29 June 1681138337337Baptism
Thomas Hewitson Glencross + Sarah LittletonGlencross,Thomas Hewitson + Littleton,Sarah29 June 1878139140140Marriage
William Gray + Hannah OstleGray,William + Ostle,Hannah29 June 1840140178178Marriage
MargSpark1.jpg Margaret Spark
Birth: 12 May 1839 44 38Edderside
Death: 11 October 1898Hards
MaryAliceHarrison.jpg Mary Alice Harrison
Birth: 21 April 1878 40 38Holme Low
Death: 19 October 1982Middlechurch Manitoba
JohnHarrison.jpg John Harrison
Birth: 8 July 1797 28 26Mawbray,
Death: 2 December 1877Mawbray
SarahBell.jpg Sarah Bell
Birth: 11 November 1804 35 40Beckfoot, Mawbray
Death: 18 May 1885Mawbray
Mary Ann Robson.jpg Mary Ann Robson
Birth: 1827 25 24Brunton, Wall, St John Lee
Death: 2 January 1902Earthly Mires Hexham Middle Quarter