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This family tree was last updated on 10 October 2013.

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Welcome to my Family Tree.
5 January 2013 - 15:59:54

This Family Tree was originally of my ancestors in Northumberland and Cumberland but has grown to include some ancestors and descendants of those linked by marriage to mine.

From Hexhamshire and Allendale DIXON BELL BATEY and WINTER


Caldbeck PEEL including John the Huntsman

Greenrow Academy DRAPE and SAUL

My mother drew out the first Trees on large sheets of paper in the 1960s. The Tree was first put on the web in 2004 and is usually updated twice a year. There is no log-in and no hidden data.

My thanks to many ‘cousins’ who have provided their data to add to the Tree. contains some links to this Tree. is Deborah, sister to Margaret Spark my great-grandmother. See Ron Davies Welcome Page for other links.

The Ostle Family Tree is here

The Ostle website is here

They are more up-to-date than my Ostle data.

The Holme St Cuthbert History Group website is here

Keith Hayton’s Hayton Family Tree is here 

Thank you for visiting this site. I hope you found it helpful.


Joan H Dunmore nee Graham born Hexham 1940.

Seeking Information
26 March 2012 - 19:03:15

We are seeking information on Mary Elizabeth Graham born c 1858 Person ID I107

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On this day
William Leslie Miller19 August 198830Death
Maureen Alice Chicken19 August 194870Birth
Thomas Pratt19 August 1868150Death
William Dodgson19 August 1829189Birth
John Robert Hurst + Jane Huddart19 August 1885133Marriage
Robert Anderson + Mary Lightfoot19 August 1776242Marriage
Upcoming events
Henry Biglands Brough20 August 198038Death
Charles Thompson20 August 1882136Baptism
Ellen Jane Bell20 August 1881137Birth
Elizabeth Forster20 August 1860158Death
Betsy Wharton20 August 1848170Baptism
Thomas Batey20 August 1826192Baptism
Frances Ostle20 August 1826192Death
Jonathan Ostle20 August 1820198Baptism
Jonathan Pape20 August 1815203Baptism
Ann Harrison20 August 1813205Birth
William Spark20 August 1803215Baptism
Joseph Brown20 August 1800218Birth
James Peel20 August 1758260Baptism
Robert Littleton + Jane Hannah Ostle20 August 1892126Marriage
Edward Saul + Rachel Wilkinson20 August 1734284Marriage
Thomas Wood + Susanna Barne20 August 1702316Marriage
Thomas Ostle21 August 197642Death
John Christopher Forrest21 August 1895123Death
Ann Harrison21 August 1894124Burial
Thomas Hurst21 August 1887131Baptism
Margaret Winter21 August 1831187Baptism
Jeremiah Edgar21 August 1814204Baptism
Frederick John Millman21 August 1814204Birth
Elizabeth Snaith21 August 1806212Birth
Peter Pratt21 August 1803215Baptism
Robert Dixon21 August 1796222Baptism
Daniel Glaister21 August 1785233Death
Tomasin Sympson21 August 1744274Burial
John Bell + Elizabeth Dixon21 August 1820198Marriage
Isaac Ostle + Charlotte Gear21 August 1796222Marriage
John Miller Wrape22 August 192098Birth
John Thompson22 August 1890128Death
Grace Wilson22 August 1880138Baptism
Thomas Follet Thompson22 August 1857161Birth
Jane Elizabeth Pape22 August 1855163Baptism
Frances Langcake22 August 1847171Baptism
John Barnes22 August 1841177Birth
Mary Anne Little22 August 1830188Baptism
Joseph Brown22 August 1830188Baptism
Hannah Ostle22 August 1815203Birth
Mary Wilkinson22 August 1808210Death
Mary Pape22 August 1808210Birth
Lancelot Robson22 August 1802216Baptism
Henry Spark22 August 1789229Baptism
John Levi Rose22 August 1788230Birth
Daniel Glaister22 August 1785233Burial
Jane Wharton22 August 1777241Baptism
Hannah Ostle22 August 1759259Death
William Thompson22 August 1715303Baptism
Joseph Garner + Rachel Hewitson22 August 1835183Marriage
Eleanor Winter23 August 1899119Birth
John Thompson23 August 1895123Death
Joseph Pape23 August 1890128Death
Elizabeth ----23 August 1883135Death
Richard Forrester Little23 August 1869149Baptism
William Wilson23 August 1864154Burial
Sarah Ann Holliday23 August 1863155Baptism
Dinah Garner23 August 1860158Burial
Thomas Penrice23 August 1856162Baptism
Joseph Hurst23 August 1829189Baptism
John Penrice23 August 1818200Baptism
Margaret Spark23 August 1812206Baptism
Nancy Wilkinson23 August 1807211Baptism
Hugh Peel23 August 1806212Baptism
Mary Peel23 August 1806212Baptism
Esther Peel23 August 1806212Baptism
Joseph Roper Peel23 August 1806212Baptism
Thomas Hayton23 August 1786232Death
George Osmotherley23 August 1772246Baptism
Hannah Ostle23 August 1759259Burial
Ruth Winter23 August 1730288Baptism
John Osmotherley23 August 1713305Baptism
Ann Dixon23 August 1663355Baptism
James Robson Ostle + Mary Ann Simpson Rostron23 August 192494Marriage
Thomas Mackay + Rachel Slack23 August 1899119Marriage
Thomas 3 Holliday + Jane Jackson23 August 1862156Marriage
John Yeoward + Sarah Miller23 August 1767251Marriage
Ada Peel Penrice24 August 198236Death
William Barnes24 August 192791Death
Arthur Percival Selley24 August 1902116Birth
Lancelot Bell24 August 1891127Death
Joseph Saul24 August 1878140Death
Alice Harrison24 August 1872146Death
Robert Dobson Whineray24 August 1856162Baptism
Isabella Barwise24 August 1827191Death
Isaac Garner24 August 1818200Baptism
Mungo Pape24 August 1817201Baptism
Mary Wilkinson24 August 1808210Burial
Betty Barwise24 August 1800218Baptism
Mary Hayton24 August 1771247Baptism
Mary Hodgson24 August 1751267Baptism
Thomas Anderson24 August 1740278Baptism
Martha Glaister24 August 1708310Baptism
Christopher Osmotherley24 August 1690328Baptism
Daniel Hayton24 August 1673345Baptism
Isabell Penrice24 August 1583435Burial
Jonathan Holliday + Mary Thirlwall24 August 1850168Marriage
Margaret Ostle25 August 193682Death
Norman Graham25 August 192098Birth
Richard Martin Hurst25 August 1901117Baptism
Joseph Pape25 August 1890128Burial
Eliza Fiddler25 August 1878140Baptism
Elizabeth Ostle25 August 1865153Death
Isaac Chambers25 August 1861157Baptism
William Peel25 August 1844174Baptism
Robert Bell25 August 1822196Baptism
John Barwise25 August 1822196Burial
Woodville Ostle25 August 1816202Death
Thomas Ostell25 August 1797221Birth
James Osmotherley25 August 1794224Baptism
Agnes Ostle25 August 1793225Baptism
Thomas Hayton25 August 1786232Burial
William Wilkinson25 August 1735283Birth
Ann Barwise25 August 1695323Baptism
John Littleton + Sarah Little25 August 1821197Marriage
Thomas Errington + Elizabeth Borrow25 August 1771247Marriage
Ann Robson26 August 196652Death
David Bernard Carter26 August 192197Birth
Mary Hayton26 August 1880138Burial
Nicholas Langcake26 August 1838180Baptism
Jane Ostle26 August 1827191Baptism
William Calvert26 August 1810208Baptism
Mary Wise26 August 1806212Birth
Jane Hayton26 August 1770248Burial
Isabella Osmotherley26 August 1761257Baptism
Sarah Osmotherley26 August 1722296Baptism
Thomas Penrice + Sarah Scott26 August 1843175Marriage
Joseph Biglands + Rebecca Saul26 August 1843175Marriage
Joseph Barnes + Alpha Drape26 August 1815203Marriage
Thomas Dalston + Ruth Harrison26 August 1776242Marriage
Joseph Chambers + Dinah Hall26 August 1772246Marriage