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This family tree was last updated on October 10, 2013.

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Welcome to my Family Tree.
January 5, 2013 - 3:59:54 p.m.

This Family Tree was originally of my ancestors in Northumberland and Cumberland but has grown to include some ancestors and descendants of those linked by marriage to mine.

From Hexhamshire and Allendale DIXON BELL BATEY and WINTER


Caldbeck PEEL including John the Huntsman

Greenrow Academy DRAPE and SAUL

My mother drew out the first Trees on large sheets of paper in the 1960s. The Tree was first put on the web in 2004 and is usually updated twice a year. There is no log-in and no hidden data.

My thanks to many ‘cousins’ who have provided their data to add to the Tree. contains some links to this Tree. is Deborah, sister to Margaret Spark my great-grandmother. See Ron Davies Welcome Page for other links.

The Ostle Family Tree is here

The Ostle website is here

They are more up-to-date than my Ostle data.

The Holme St Cuthbert History Group website is here

Keith Hayton’s Hayton Family Tree is here 

Thank you for visiting this site. I hope you found it helpful.


Joan H Dunmore nee Graham born Hexham 1940.

Seeking Information
March 26, 2012 - 7:03:15 p.m.

We are seeking information on Mary Elizabeth Graham born c 1858 Person ID I107

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On this day
Elizabeth BellFebruary 19, 1849171Birth
John BarnesFebruary 19, 1801219Birth
Joseph Osmotherley + Mary AllisonFebruary 19, 1833187Marriage
Thomas Barron + Margaret LeightonFebruary 19, 1804216Marriage
Lancelot Sim + Hannah DobinsonFebruary 19, 1684336Marriage
Upcoming events
Grace ----February 20, 1919101Death
Dorothy RobsonFebruary 20, 1910110Death
Mary Ann Simpson RostronFebruary 20, 1901119Birth
William PapeFebruary 20, 1886134Birth
Robert BellFebruary 20, 1873147Death
John HopeFebruary 20, 1848172Baptism
Mary ChickenFebruary 20, 1848172Death
Frances RoutledgeFebruary 20, 1846174Death
John GrahamFebruary 20, 1836184Baptism
Oliver RoutledgeFebruary 20, 1835185Burial
Selina CalvertFebruary 20, 1833187Baptism
Robert BellFebruary 20, 1822198Birth
Eleanor OsmotherleyFebruary 20, 1820200Baptism
Dinah ToddFebruary 20, 1814206Baptism
Hannah HarrisonFebruary 20, 1810210Birth
Jonathan 1 PeelFebruary 20, 1807213Baptism
Joanna KeyFebruary 20, 1772248Baptism
Sarah OsmotherleyFebruary 20, 1732288Burial
Mary WatsonFebruary 20, 1731289Baptism
Cuthbert BarronFebruary 20, 1712308Baptism
Mungo McMullen + Fanny WilsonFebruary 20, 1894126Marriage
Dan Drape + Sarah WilkinsonFebruary 20, 1760260Marriage
Jane Ann SparkFebruary 21, 1869151Baptism
John Beeby SaulFebruary 21, 1852168Death
Sarah LittleFebruary 21, 1838182Burial
William LittleFebruary 21, 1822198Baptism
Mary HarrisonFebruary 21, 1819201Death
Isaac OstleFebruary 21, 1811209Birth
Mary RawlandsFebruary 21, 1807213Birth
Elizabeth GarnerFebruary 21, 1807213Burial
Mungo PringleFebruary 21, 1805215Baptism
Joseph WilkinsonFebruary 21, 1797223Death
Catherine DixonFebruary 21, 1779241Baptism
Ruth BarwiseFebruary 21, 1777243Baptism
Daniel1 SimFebruary 21, 1772248Birth
Edward OsmotherleyFebruary 21, 1663357Baptism
William Lancelot HurstFebruary 22, 194971Death
James BateyFebruary 22, 1874146Death
Thomas PenriceFebruary 22, 1871149Death
Rachel PapeFebruary 22, 1846174Baptism
Francis Scott ShawFebruary 22, 1833187Burial
Francis MattinsonFebruary 22, 1829191Baptism
Sarah PenriceFebruary 22, 1818202Baptism
Marian Sarah MillmanFebruary 22, 1812208Birth
Mary OstleFebruary 22, 1806214Burial
Janet ----February 22, 1697323Burial
John Saul + Elizabeth BrownFebruary 22, 1798222Marriage
William Hutton + Jane Ann PenriceFebruary 22, 1796224Marriage
John Osmotherley + Rachel ThompsonFebruary 22, 1739281Marriage
Gladys SewellFebruary 23, 197248Death
John GrahamFebruary 23, 1909111Birth
Jonathan Carruthers PapeFebruary 23, 1849171Birth
Frances RoutledgeFebruary 23, 1846174Burial
Sarah LittleFebruary 23, 1843177Baptism
Francis PenriceFebruary 23, 1836184Death
Hugh BateyFebruary 23, 1833187Baptism
Robert StubbsFebruary 23, 1823197Death
John SaulFebruary 23, 1819201Death
Jacob OstleFebruary 23, 1811209Death
Henry PeelFebruary 23, 1809211Baptism
Joseph WilkinsonFebruary 23, 1797223Burial
Robert AndersonFebruary 23, 1795225Burial
Daniel FlemingFebruary 23, 1794226Baptism
John WhartonFebruary 23, 1783237Baptism
Michael WinterFebruary 23, 1763257Death
Alice BarwiseFebruary 23, 1668352Baptism
Thomas Snaith + Jane HendersonFebruary 23, 1805215Marriage
John Fiddler + Sarah OstleFebruary 23, 1790230Marriage
Joseph BarnesFebruary 24, 196258Death
Sarah BlairFebruary 24, 1907113Death
William PeelFebruary 24, 1907113Death
Mary HaytonFebruary 24, 1843177Birth
Phoebe RoperFebruary 24, 1833187Baptism
Margaret McMillanFebruary 24, 1831189Burial
Joseph HopeFebruary 24, 1805215Baptism
Elizabeth HarrisonFebruary 24, 1790230Birth
Mary HaytonFebruary 24, 1724296Baptism
Margaret ----February 24, 1674346Burial
Dorothy OsmotherleyFebruary 24, 1632388Baptism
John Douglas Pape + Margaret Elizabeth ButlerFebruary 24, 197941Marriage
Musgrave Wilson + Deborah LittleFebruary 24, 1833187Marriage
Foster Penrice + Mary Ann BellFebruary 24, 1829191Marriage
William Pape + Mary LangcakeFebruary 24, 1825195Marriage
William Tordiff + Mary GraveFebruary 24, 1810210Marriage
Joseph Ostle + Peggy WalesFebruary 24, 1793227Marriage
Joseph Farbridge + Ann ProudFebruary 24, 1754266Marriage
William Lancelot HurstFebruary 25, 194971Burial
Robert Peel WilsonFebruary 25, 1909111Birth
George BarnesFebruary 25, 1877143Birth
Thomas PenriceFebruary 25, 1871149Burial
John James Edmondson WillisFebruary 25, 1869151Baptism
William PeelFebruary 25, 1859161Death
John Beeby SaulFebruary 25, 1852168Burial
Isaac BateyFebruary 25, 1845175Burial
Mary PorthouseFebruary 25, 1841179Death
Thomas BarronFebruary 25, 1830190Birth
William LittleFebruary 25, 1821199Birth
John SaulFebruary 25, 1819201Burial
Matthew SaulFebruary 25, 1818202Death
Hannah ClarkFebruary 25, 1814206Burial
Thomas BarronFebruary 25, 1808212Death
Matthew HarrisonFebruary 25, 1799221Birth
Elizabeth DixonFebruary 25, 1787233Baptism
John LittleFebruary 25, 1773247Baptism
Jane DixonFebruary 25, 1770250Baptism
Thomas OstleFebruary 25, 1762258Birth
Elizabeth HaytonFebruary 25, 1595425Baptism
James Wilson Warren + Hannah HarrisonFebruary 25, 1897123Marriage
Thomas Forrest + Barbara AndersonFebruary 25, 1882138Marriage
Thomas Rigg + Ann BarwiseFebruary 25, 1741279Marriage
Matthew Harrison + Margaret PoolFebruary 25, 1731289Marriage
Mary BarnesFebruary 26, 1912108Birth
Isaac ChambersFebruary 26, 1878142Burial
Jessie E WhiteFebruary 26, 1872148Birth
William FiddlerFebruary 26, 1871149Baptism
Elizabeth HurstFebruary 26, 1869151Death
Surtees BarronFebruary 26, 1868152Death
William SparkFebruary 26, 1865155Baptism
Elizabeth HurstFebruary 26, 1860160Burial
Thomas HarrisFebruary 26, 1856164Burial
Richard LittleFebruary 26, 1855165Burial
Michael BellFebruary 26, 1832188Baptism
Francis Scott ShawFebruary 26, 1830190Baptism
William NevinFebruary 26, 1827193Death
Phebe CalvertFebruary 26, 1826194Baptism
Jacob OstleFebruary 26, 1811209Burial
John BarwiseFebruary 26, 1796224Baptism
William OsmotherleyFebruary 26, 1792228Baptism
John Askew ScottFebruary 26, 1789231Death
George Scott + Frances OstleFebruary 26, 1849171Marriage
Daniel Mann Pape + Johanna PealeFebruary 26, 1807213Marriage