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This family tree was last updated on October 10, 2013.

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Welcome to my Family Tree.
January 5, 2013 - 3:59:54 p.m.

This Family Tree was originally of my ancestors in Northumberland and Cumberland but has grown to include some ancestors and descendants of those linked by marriage to mine.

From Hexhamshire and Allendale DIXON BELL BATEY and WINTER


Caldbeck PEEL including John the Huntsman

Greenrow Academy DRAPE and SAUL

My mother drew out the first Trees on large sheets of paper in the 1960s. The Tree was first put on the web in 2004 and is usually updated twice a year. There is no log-in and no hidden data.

My thanks to many ‘cousins’ who have provided their data to add to the Tree. contains some links to this Tree. is Deborah, sister to Margaret Spark my great-grandmother. See Ron Davies Welcome Page for other links.

The Ostle Family Tree is here

The Ostle website is here

They are more up-to-date than my Ostle data.

The Holme St Cuthbert History Group website is here

Keith Hayton’s Hayton Family Tree is here 

Thank you for visiting this site. I hope you found it helpful.


Joan H Dunmore nee Graham born Hexham 1940.

Seeking Information
March 26, 2012 - 7:03:15 p.m.

We are seeking information on Mary Elizabeth Graham born c 1858 Person ID I107

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On this day
Margaret LittleSeptember 24, 1913107Death
Eva Margaret PapeSeptember 24, 1909111Birth
John Irving PapeSeptember 24, 1908112Birth
Thomas PenriceSeptember 24, 1902118Birth
William James HeskettSeptember 24, 1851169Birth
John Holliday + Esther TordiffSeptember 24, 1831189Marriage
Thomas Osmotherley + Mary BlacklockSeptember 24, 1763257Marriage
Upcoming events
John ChickenSeptember 25, 1907113Birth
Ethel HeskettSeptember 25, 1882138Birth
Mary Hayton BooklessSeptember 25, 1867153Baptism
Fanny B OstleSeptember 25, 1838182Birth
Margaret ChickenSeptember 25, 1825195Baptism
Ann BateySeptember 25, 1816204Birth
Margaret WinterSeptember 25, 1785235Baptism
Thomas WilkinsonSeptember 25, 1783237Birth
Agnes GlaisterSeptember 25, 1763257Baptism
Joseph PenriceSeptember 25, 1760260Baptism
Jane BarwiseSeptember 25, 1723297Baptism
Agnes CalvertSeptember 25, 1636384Baptism
John Brough + Mary Jane HillSeptember 25, 1901119Marriage
Joseph BroughSeptember 26, 1897123Baptism
William BarnesSeptember 26, 1872148Birth
Hannah BellSeptember 26, 1857163Birth
Mary WhiteSeptember 26, 1856164Birth
Lancelot RobsonSeptember 26, 1835185Death
John Messenger BarnesSeptember 26, 1835185Baptism
Robert DodgsonSeptember 26, 1790230Birth
Margaret WoodSeptember 26, 1778242Death
Hannah MooreSeptember 26, 1775245Baptism
Mary OsmotherleySeptember 26, 1764256Baptism
John DrapeSeptember 26, 1761259Birth
Joseph Ostle + Elizabeth WhititySeptember 26, 1798222Marriage
Margaret LittleSeptember 27, 1913107Burial
Elizabeth BellSeptember 27, 1874146Baptism
Thomas StoreySeptember 27, 1866154Baptism
Mary PeelSeptember 27, 1861159Death
Sarah OstleSeptember 27, 1832188Birth
John SharpSeptember 27, 1821199Baptism
Isabella BarnesSeptember 27, 1803217Baptism
Mary OsmotherleySeptember 27, 1795225Baptism
Mary ParkinSeptember 27, 1790230Burial
George EdgarSeptember 27, 1790230Birth
Hugh PeelSeptember 27, 1748272Baptism
John 2 HarrisonSeptember 27, 1747273Baptism
Grace BarwiseSeptember 27, 1724296Baptism
William H Hurst + Catherine Sarah CarsonSeptember 27, 1899121Marriage
William Barnes + Caroline TannerSeptember 27, 1859161Marriage
Edward Dixon + Catherine WilkinsonSeptember 27, 1687333Marriage
Thomas OstleSeptember 28, 197842Death
Leslie TelfordSeptember 28, 195664Birth
Ernest PenriceSeptember 28, 1918102Death
Thomas Hewitson GlencrossSeptember 28, 1856164Baptism
Thomas WinterSeptember 28, 1834186Baptism
Mary PeelSeptember 28, 1823197Burial
Joseph RobinsonSeptember 28, 1823197Baptism
Elizabeth BarronSeptember 28, 1817203Baptism
Robert PapeSeptember 28, 1808212Burial
Alice BlenkinsopSeptember 28, 1801219Birth
John HarrisonSeptember 28, 1738282Baptism
Ann ----September 28, 1732288Burial
Elzebethe OsmotherleySeptember 28, 1595425Baptism
Robert Nicholson + Mary Jane OstleSeptember 28, 1895125Marriage
Elizabeth RobsonSeptember 29, 1877143Death
Mary BarkerSeptember 29, 1875145Burial
Ruth BarwiseSeptember 29, 1850170Baptism
John LittleSeptember 29, 1845175Burial
John BellSeptember 29, 1822198Baptism
Jane ScottSeptember 29, 1802218Death
Ann CalvertSeptember 29, 1786234Birth
Anne PrattSeptember 29, 1765255Baptism
John PenriceSeptember 29, 1751269Baptism
William Lancelot Hurst + Mary LittletonSeptember 29, 1920100Marriage
William Little + Frances FinlinsonSeptember 29, 1885135Marriage
John Todhunter + Nancy WilsonSeptember 29, 1838182Marriage
Thomas Penrice + Eleanor SimSeptember 29, 1811209Marriage
John Stoddart + Jane BarwiseSeptember 29, 1798222Marriage
Cuthbert Barwise + Anne ClareSeptember 29, 1745275Marriage
Thomas OstleSeptember 30, 197842Burial
Gladys SewellSeptember 30, 1909111Birth
John OsmotherleySeptember 30, 1876144Burial
Robert William DodgsonSeptember 30, 1870150Birth
Ann WaiteSeptember 30, 1869151Death
Mary OsmotherleySeptember 30, 1859161Death
Henry ScoonSeptember 30, 1855165Baptism
William James HeskettSeptember 30, 1851169Baptism
Shadrach SparkSeptember 30, 1809211Birth
John LittleSeptember 30, 1802218Birth
Mary PapeSeptember 30, 1797223Birth
Agnes GlaisterSeptember 30, 1793227Birth
Thomas PeelSeptember 30, 1786234Death
John BarronSeptember 30, 1786234Baptism
John HarrisonSeptember 30, 1782238Birth
Mary HaytonSeptember 30, 1781239Birth
Margaret WoodSeptember 30, 1778242Burial
Thomas1 SparkSeptember 30, 1752268Baptism
John ScottSeptember 30, 1727293Baptism
Elsie Penrice HendersonOctober 199822Death
Douglas BaggleyOctober 199228Death
Jeremiah PenriceOctober 198733Death
George BlairOctober 197347Death
Mary Ellen PenriceOctober 196357Death
John Thomas GrahamOctober 195268Burial
Guy George Louden PoolOctober 195169Death
Mary Ann EdmondsonOctober 194278Death
Isaac BlairOctober 1901119Birth
Mary Annie TeasdaleOctober 1900120Death
William BroughOctober 1892128Death
Isabella LittleOctober 1875145Death
John PeelOctober 1868152Death
Ruth HollidayOctober 1865155Birth
William BroughOctober 1854166Death
Mary BiglandsOctober 1854166Birth
Elizabeth SlackOctober 1850170Birth
William OstleOctober 1847173Death
Rebecca SaulOctober 1841179Death
Isabella Robertson OstleOctober 1840180Birth
Letitia PeelOctober 1840180Death
Robinson OstleOctober 1839181Death
Maria Ann OstleOctober 1834186Birth
Phoebe AtkinsonOctober 1819201Death
Frances SmithOctober 1807213Death
Thomas OstleOctober 1805215Death
Joseph HarrisonOctober 1796224Death
Thomas PeelOctober 1786234Burial
Barwise PenriceOctober 1762258Death
Rachel OstleOctober 1750270Birth
Richard OsmotherleyOctober 1707313Death
Thomas StordyOctober 1684336Death
Anthony PenriceOctober 1670350Burial
Norman FisherOctober 1, 192793Birth
Yvonne BartlettOctober 1, 1919101Birth
Elsie Penrice HendersonOctober 1, 1913107Birth
Mabel MillerOctober 1, 1892128Birth
Mary Anna HurstOctober 1, 1886134Baptism
Thomas HurstOctober 1, 1871149Baptism
Matthew HarrisonOctober 1, 1871149Baptism
Joseph Roper LittleOctober 1, 1860160Baptism
Robert PapeOctober 1, 1858162Baptism
Miles George BarronOctober 1, 1837183Baptism
John HaytonOctober 1, 1831189Death
Ann SteelOctober 1, 1815205Baptism
Daniel HarrisonOctober 1, 1804216Baptism
Agnes HarrisonOctober 1, 1804216Baptism
Jane ShortridgeOctober 1, 1797223Birth
Anderson LangcakeOctober 1, 1795225Birth
Mary Memorandum BeebyOctober 1, 1780240Birth
John DandOctober 1, 1779241Baptism
Obadiah OstleOctober 1, 1770250Birth
Revd John Nicholson + Nancy The Termagent JacksonOctober 1811209Marriage
John Osmotherley + Jane StudholmeOctober 1626394Marriage
Tindal Saul + Mary BouchOctober 1, 1831189Marriage
William Brough + Frances DickmanOctober 1, 1825195Marriage